Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maple sugarhouse photography

Spring is just around the corner here in Vermont, the mud is starting to get troublesome and Maple sugaring is beginning. You see people out checking their tap lines in the woods (sugarbush) , those still using buckets are tapping and hanging buckets out hopeful that the sap will start running soon. There are not many of the old sugarhouses left, replaced by modern structures which for me are just to straight and new looking. I hunt for the remains of the old sugar houses. There pretty hard to find anymore especially working ones.The photos in today's post are of a non-working one I found.  I was worked in post processing to create a old timey looking image of the sugarhouse. One's that has a vintage look. I using the same image in each example of this post.  This first image is nice but doesn't have the old timey look that I'm looking for.
For this second image I added a sepia tone to it and it's starting to look better But!! 
To me this last image really has a Old Time look to it as if printed from a old historic glass plate. Nailed it in my mind with this image and the truth is I created all these image last night March 12-12. It is amazing what can be created in Photoshop, a great tool for artist and photographers. 
This last image is me favorite of the group not that the others are bad , it's just that this one has the look I was trying to create.  The creative process is always open the change as my influences change along with my mood, vision and skills. If nothing else I have learn that as you improve your skills you get better at image capturing, editing your image and your vision may have changed along the way, so nothing is written in stone. There is personal growth in change.  Enjoy!!!

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